MA History Notes Part 02

MA History Notes
This is MA History Notes in Urdu for Urdu Medium
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Curriculum for M.A. HISTORY Part-II

There will be five specialized groups of courses and the candidates will select any one of the following groups :

Group ‘A’ History of lndo-Pakistan

Course    HIS/601    Ancient India    100

Course     HIS/602    Muslim Rule in India (712-1526)    100

Course     HIS/603    The Great Mughals (1526-1707)    100

Course    HIS/604    Later Mughals & British India(1707-1857)        100

Course    HIS/605    The Punjab in Modern Times    100

Punjab University Lahore M.A History Syllabus

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I need a notes of M.A History-p-1 plz guide me.

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I need Islamic history notes of Masters of sindh university can u plz send me at this email address