MA Political Science Notes Part 02

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Hi there, I need notes of 1. muslim world dynamics n issues 2. International Law 3. Defence n strategic studies please send them online to or if some one have hard copy, plz let me know I will make arrangements for that also. Please help me as exams starts in 30 days.

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Book on Defense and Strategic Studies

This course focuses on different dimensions of strategy in International Relations. The contents of the course are:

Reference Books

1. Berry Buzan, An Introduction to Strategi Studies,
2. John Baylis, Ken Booth, Contemporary Strategy, London, Groom Helm, Ltd 1976
3. S.Jc., Millitary Straetgy: A general theory of power control. New Buenwick, N.J. Rutgers Univeristy Press, 1967.
4. John Baylis, Strategy in the contemporary world, California, Oxford University Press,
5. Lawrence Freedman, The evoutin of Nuclear strategy
6. Clausewitz, On War
7. Adelman, Kenneth I. Norman R. Augustus – I.
The Defence Revolution: Strategy for the Brave New World, C. S. Press, San Francisco: Institute for Contemporary Studies, 1990.
8. Gray, Colin S, War Peace and Victory:
Strategy and Statecraft for the next century. New York; Soloman and Schuster, 1990.
9. Hart, B.H. Liddell, Strategy: The Indirect Approach, London: Faben and Faber Ltd., 1967.
10. Handel Michael I. Clausewitz and Modern Strategy, Frank Cass and Company Ltd. 1986.
11. Kissinger, Henry A. Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy, New York: Doubleday Anchor Books, Doubleday, 1983.
12. Rubble, Greville, The Politics of Nuclear Defence: A Comprehensive Introduction, London Polity Press Cambridge, 1985.
13. Snow, Donald M. Nuclear Strategy in a Dynamic World: American Policy in the 1980’s, New York: The University of Albama Press, 1981.
14. Andre Beaufre, An Introduction to Strategy, Rawalpindi, Ferozesons, Ltyd. 1972
Journals and Periodicals
•Asian Defence Journal • Bangladesh Institute of International Strategic Studies Journal
• Conflict • International Defence Studies • International Security
• International Strategic Studies • Strategic Review
• Strategic Studies
• Survival

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AOA. my M.A Political science part 2 papers r from 4th june. i opted international organization, political sociology and local self government in pakistan. i am doing it in english medium i really badly need notes of these subjects in english. i like ur website alot but i could not find these subjects. only local self gov in pk is here but it is in urdu. kindly do reply me on my e mail account. i really am waiting anxiously

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i need notes of int organization, political sociology and local self gov in pk. all these in english

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i need m.a political science part 2 notes in urdu Comparative Political Systems and international law Notes. plz send me these notes on my email adress