MA Political Science Part 1 Ideology and Dynamics of Politics in Pakistan 2016

Paper V Ideology and Dynamics of Politics in Pakistan Q:# 01 Discuss "Two Nation Theory. Especially highlighting the different phases of its evolution. Q:# 02 Ayub khan and zai-ul-haq De-Politicized Pakistan's Political system through modernization and Islamization respectively. Evaluate its implications for democracy in Pakistan. Q:# 03 Define the term "Constitution" and describe the different features of 1973 constitution of Pakistan. Q:# 04 Define the concept of Political Party. The Political Parties have been successful in ascertaining the return of democracy in Pakistan after recurrences of Martial Laws. Q:# 05 what are the issues and problems related to national integration of Pakistan. Q:# 06 What is meant by Bureaucracy? Evaluate the role of BU during the military interventions in Pakistan. Q:# 07 Write in detail a note on any two: a: Musharf's Devolution Plan. b: Role of Students Union in Pakistan's Politics C: Restoration of Chief Justice Movement : a Critique