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Background of APMSO

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Background of APMSO
« on: May 05, 2008, 05:17:10 PM »

A person who has migrated from one place to another, is known as a Muhajir.[2] The term, these days, is particularly associated with the people who migrated from India to Pakistan during the 1947 partition. Today the Muhajir community makes up about 12% of the population of Pakistan and 40% of Sindh.

The creation of Pakistan stemmed from the need to provide a homeland for South Asian Muslims. But when the sub-continent split, there were created in reality not two but three nations. India was one, but the other two were East Pakistan and West Pakistan. Since its creation, many Pakistanis have had difficulty accepting all of Pakistan's inhabitants. And so, when in the year 1971, East Pakistan won its freedom and became Bangladesh, this was another sign that the Pakistani government was not doing its best at rightfully serving all ethnicities.

The creation of Bangladesh was a slap in the face of all those who fought hard for the creation of a separate Muslim state, because East Pakistan accounted for over 54% of the population of Pakistan.

This constant favoritism of one group of people over another and constant neglect of the middle and poor classes by the Pakistani government and establishment became the reason of the creation of APMSO.