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Education secretary announced 15,000 jobs for teachers.

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Education secretary announced 15,000 jobs for teachers.
« on: May 06, 2019, 09:52:34 AM »
Education secretary announced 15,000 jobs for teachers.
QUETTA:06 May:The recruitment process will initiate next week,” said Tayyab Lehri while addressing a meeting of the education department at the Balochistan Secretariat on Friday.

The secretary vowed that under the leadership of Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan, “all appointments will be made on merit”.

“There are 2,200 posts for Grade 16 to 17 officers, which the Balochistan Public Services Commission will fill,” he said, adding that over 9,000 posts were for the ones between Grade 9 to 15, which the Testing Service would handle while the departmental committees would recruit 3,500 employees of Grade 4.
Lehri said it was the first time in the history of the provincial education department that over 15,000 people were being hired.
“With the appointment of new people, the issue of ghost teachers will come to an end,” said the secretary. “Departmental inquiry against all ghost teachers and schools in the province has started.”
Giving details about the action, Lehri said, “Around 600 ghost teachers have been terminated. Departmental inquiry against 2,000 is also under way.”He said almost 3,500 teachers would retire in the current year. Express Turbuni.
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