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لاہور سے پہلی مرتبہ سمجھوتہ ایكسپریس كب دہلی روانہ ہوئی؟

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When compromise Express left Delhi for Lahore the first time?
A: On July 22, 1976 AD
Disconnected from the agreement, Express Service 31 December 2001, when an express agreement was reintroduced tell?
A: July 2003 AD
Rap sales Information Interview farmasyutyklz
Q: Please tell me what is marketing?
A: Marketing and selling blood kamtalah selling blood to promote the scheme's name. The demand for research is included.
Q: Do you know where the pharmaceutical Arabs established the first factory?
A: First of pharmaceutical manufacturers aysuyn Arabs in the eighth century, Baghdad) Iraq (I was set.
Q: Tell me the type of pharmacist?
A: According to instructions of doctor of medicine makers medicine is ready.
Q: Tell me the type of executive selling blood?
The biggest Purpose is to develop and introduce a product and medication, the efficacy of medication side effects, cost and advanced features compared to other company's products to offer with a doctor's attention include
Q: Learning how to run a firm's management has the most difficult thing?
A: The benefits to workers and to establish discipline.

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