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HISTORY - 1979 to 1988 Anjuman- E - Talaba - E - Islam (ATI)

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HISTORY ::: 1979 to 1988 :::

   1st Provincial Convention of BALUCHISTAN was held on 21-22 July in QUETTA.    1979

   From 16th to 22nd March WEEK OF MARTYRS OF NIZAM-E-MUSTAFA (Sallallah O Alaihay Wa Sallam) MOVEMENTS was organized throught out Country. At this occasion a beautiful POSTER was published by ATI.    1979

   Central Convention was held on 26th-27th December in LAHORE. In this convention MR. USMAN KHAN NOORI was again elected as PRESIDENT and MIAN KHALID HABIB ELAHI as SECRETARY GENERAL.    1979

   On May 26 a Grand NAZRIA -E- PAKISTAN CONFERENCE was held at Community Centre, Aabpara, Islamabad. Conference was addressed by Fed. Education Minister MUHAMMAD ALI KHAN HOTI, Afghan Leader SIBGHATULLAH MUJADDIDI, MAULANA A. SATTAR KHAN NIAZI, NASEEM HIJAZI and ZAFAR IQBAL NOORI.    1980

   In the Month of June President MR. MUHAMMAD USMAN KHAN NOORI completed disciplinary visit of the whole PUNJAB.    1980

   On September 5 PROTEST DAY against ANTI MUSLIMS RIOTS was observed through out the country.    1980

   During last 6 months of this session Central Vice President MR. MUHAMMAD ZAFAR IQBAL NOORI have served as PRESIDENT. During his tenure FAROG-E- ANJUMAN week was actively organized.    1980

   During this session MR. MUHAMMAD SHAREEF SIALWI was President and MR. MUHAMMAD AMIN QADRI was Secretary General.    1981

   During this Session TAMEER -E- SEERAT -O- KIRDAR week was observed all over the country.    1981

   In this week the slogan :: TAMEER-E-SEERAT KAY 2 USOOL .... KHAUF-E-KHUDA AUR HUBB-E-RASOOL (Sallallah O Alaihai Wa Sallam)::: was introduced.    1981

    During the tenure of MR. MUHAMMAD SHAREEF SIALWI, ATI focused its attention towards Organizational, Training and educational work.    1981