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About NWFP Board of Technical Education (NWFP BTE)

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About NWFP Board of Technical Education (NWFP BTE)
« on: June 16, 2009, 08:57:03 AM »
About NWFP Board of Technical Education (NWFP BTE)

As a successor to the West Pakistan Board of Technical Education Lahore, the NWFP Board of Technical Education (NWFP BTE) was established in March 1973 under the North West Frontier Province Board of Technical Education ACT 1972. The functions entrusted to the Board are to organise, regulate and supervise Technical, Commercial and Vocational Education below degree level, in the province of NWFP and adjoining tribal areas. As such, the Board of Technical Education is an academic and examining body for polytechnic, commercial, vocational and other private technical institutions including computer training institutes of under-graduate level.

Major responsibilites

• Appoint examiners and supervisory staff to conduct examinations pertaining to   Technical, Vocational, Industrial and Commercial Education below degree level and such   other examinations as may be determined by the government.
• Prescribe courses of study for its examinations.
• Lay down conditions for recognition of institutions to ensure provision of requisite   facilities in the affiliated institutions.
• Grant certificates and diplomas to persons who have passed its examinations.
• Institute and award scholarships, medals and prizes in accordance with the Regulations   and Rules.