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SCHOOL OF NURSING Armed Forces Postgraduate Medical Institute

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SCHOOL OF NURSING Armed Forces Postgraduate Medical Institute


School of Nursing in Pakistan Army for Basic and Post Basic Nursing Training was established in 1956 at Combined Military hospital Lahore. Then it was shifted to Armed Forces Medical College Rawalpindi in 1959. Institute was renamed as Armed Forces Post Graduate Medical Institute Rawalpindi in 1997. BSc Nursing Degree programme started in 2005.


    * To prepare AFNS officers with higher degree of clinical decision making skills at the care delivery level who can serve as a role model to enhance the quality patient care.
    * To ensure the pool of competent nurses to support health care system

    * In order to impart advanced knowledge for development of the Nursing Profession in Pakistan Army and in the community.


    * Our nursing instructors have responsibility to serve in School of Nursing of Armed Forces Post Graduate Medical Institute with total commitment and adhere to philosophy and strive hard to achieve the goals of this institute as a successful organization.
    * They are committed to provide an education environment which is conducive to enhance knowledge and skill of its student nurses.


The rapid advancement of modern scientific behavior in general has created nursing to be highly specialized and technical service. No longer it is possible for nurses to acquire a safe level of practice through empirical means alone. They require skills and in-depth knowledge. More educated and clinically competent nurses can both influence improvement in patient care delivery and influence nurses and other health professionals to view a nursing as practice based profession.