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ENTRY TEST GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS Quaid-e-Azam Medical College, Pakistan.

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ENTRY TEST GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS Quaid-e-Azam Medical College, Pakistan.

i). The candidate will be provided with a question paper (Multiple Choice Questions), a separate pre-printed answer sheet and a rough work sheet.

ii). The candidate will be required to write his/her name and application number on the top of the question paper, answer sheet and rough work sheet.

iii). All rough work must be done on the rough work sheet.

iv) In order to ensure a fair chance to every candidate and to conduct the Test efficiently, the candidate must carefully follow the instructions given in this booklet  and by the instructor.

v). The instructor will inform the candidate when to start work on any part of the test and when to stop. It is of utmost importance that the work is performed only on that part on which the test is in progress.

vi) In the interest of fairness, we insist that no one may continue work even for a second after the Instructor has asked that the work be stopped.

vii) During the test, do not talk, whisper, or turn your eyes or head away from your own papers.

viii) Any evidence of cheating or non-compliance of instructions will disqualify the candidate from the Test, and his name will be removed from the list of the candidates for admission.

ix) During the Test if the candidate wants to change any of his answers, he must not cross it. The candidates should erase his previous answer clearly and then mark the other. In case more than one box is marked for the same question, the answer will be treated as wrong.

The candidates should not mark answers on the question paper, all answers must be marked with the prescribed 2B pencil on the answer sheet only.