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Pakistani Education System and our responsibilities

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Pakistani Education System and our responsibilities
« on: June 05, 2010, 04:39:06 PM »
Dear Friends,
As a Pakistani national what we can do for our education system, we are in numbers millions of pakistani student i don't think so that we should look forward to our govt for any help, we should take a step ahead for the improvement of education trend in our student, in our education system i think no lack of sources actually there is lack of education trend / interest in our students,so this is the need of hour we have to develop this trend

kia ham 1 , 1 rupia jama kar k apnay apnay mahaly k sarkari school main woh tamam saholatin faraham nahi kar saktay jo model schoolon main hoti hn hamin agar talim k faroog k lia bhik b mangna paray I don't think so there is shame on it

plz give ur comments on the above link