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Chairman Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Sargodha

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Message from Prof. Dr. Muhammad Afzal Rabbani (Chairman)Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Sargodha

I feel delighted and take legitimate pride in the fact that Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Sargodha has rightly decided to launch its own website on internet and thus make all relevant and necessary information easily available with regard to the Board for students and public alike ---- a facility which, so far, did not exist. Only a few years back computer technology was inducted to help facilitate the flow of communication for public at large and within a short span of time, we have made tremendous progress towards the promotion and enhancement of needed infrastructure. In the modern competitive age and the prevailing global scenario, Institutions without a website is an unthinkable phenomenon. Being cognizant of this basic need, B.I.S.E. Sargodha has done well to develop a website of its own and get at par with the World.

B.I.S.E. Sargodha dates back to the year 1968 with a full-fledged campus spread over 28 acres of lush green land with a grand building couched in spacious lawns and well-kept play grounds bearing a majestic look. Institutions are made not of bricks and edifice alone, they need and require an academic profile coupled with a comprehensive lay out of suchlike facilities. The conventional ways of management have outlived their utility and are, therefore, no more relevant. It is in this context that I am confident and well assured that with the passage of time, this website shall continue to deliver things in the right measure. The assignment and responsibilities of a Board are highly professional, sensitive and demanding ranging from the conduct of Examination to the tabulation of result which ultimately is displayed on the said website. This is, no doubt, a step forward and in the right direction.

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