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Division of Education University of Education Lahore

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Division of Education University of Education Lahore
« on: August 06, 2008, 11:03:27 AM »
Division of Education  University of Education Lahore

The Division of Education consisting of prominent scholars plays a significant role in the overall working of the UE. As a centre of quality research, it performs the missionary task of developing leaders in education and innovative indigenous teaching-learning processes. Currently, this Division focuses research on emerging areas of teacher education, educational administration, curriculum, assessment, ICT-directed learning and state policies. The Division provides research-based academic service to the government and community in teacher development.


   M.A. Education (Morning)
   M.Phil Education (Morning)
   Ph.D. Education (Morning)
   Masters in Educational Leadership and Management Studies (Morning)
   Diploma in ELMS (Evening)
     Dr. Basharat Ali , Ph.D. Education
   Dr. Ibrahim Khalid, Professor, Ph.D. Education
   Dr. Muhammad Saeed, Associate Professor , Ph.D. Education
   Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, Assistant Professor , Ph.D. Education
   Ayaz Muhammad Khan, Lecturer, M.A. Education

Postal Address:     123- Abu Bakar Block New Garden Town Lahore
Phone    92-42-5830892
Fax     92-42-5847690
University of Education, College Road, Township, Lahore.

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