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Admission in Lahore colleges: Student unions not allowed

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Admission in Lahore colleges: Student unions not allowed
« on: August 07, 2008, 03:38:37 PM »
Admission in Lahore colleges: Student unions not allowed

Admission in colleges: Student unions not allowed to set up stalls

Lahore, Aug 07, 2008: Pending revival of students' union in educational institutions, no single student group is in a position to enjoy influence in any college or university in the admission matters on the pretext of 'guidance to the students'. In the process of admission in colleges, which started with the declaration of Matriculation result, the traditional groups of students are kept at distance by the college administration. This mean that students mafia which usually become active during admissions has been eradicated to some extent. This was evident from the fact that a so called student group tried to influence sale of admission forms to lure the admission seekers, was smashed by the Administration of Islamia College Railway Road.. The group managed to sell the forms at Rs. 100/- while it costs Rs. 35/- and that too through the Banks. Consequently the Administration reported the matter to the Police. Cases were registered against Shabbar Gujjar, Adnan Chaudhry  and others who were arrested by the Police. The accused  were later released on bail but restrained from entering the college premises.

Similarly, a group of students along with some unscruplous persons tried to set up camps at volatile Government MAO College. The college authorities did not allow them to do so and expelled them with the help of Police. The MAO is sensitive place where a gruesome incident of firing between the two rival groups of students occurred on April 28 last in an attempt to get control of respective student society in the college. Following the incident a Police contingent was posted and security tightened at the college. However, ad the admissions started some of them became active but their attempt was foiled.

These persons tried to take undue advantage of the instructions issued by former MSF central President and PML (N) MPA Rana Arshad who directed the MSF to install camps in the colleges for the guidance of the new comers in admission matters. The directive produced counter productive as other groups also became active all of whom have no legality pending decision on the revival of students unions.

The concerned circle say that there was no need of guidance from the student groups as college and universities departments have sufficient staff to guide the students on admissions and to provide them necessary information, forms and prospectus etc. Why to allow students groups to operate and fleece the admission seekers under the garb of guidance.     

Even the Punjab University has not allowed the students groups to establish camps for the guidance of students. Both the University Students Federation (USF) and IJT  have been restrained not to vitiate atmosphere in the university campus. The Chairman Hall Council  Prof. Dr. Saeed Ahmad Nagra said there was no entry test for admission and hence no need to guide the students by the respective groups. Moreover, if there was any need, the respective teaching department have to provide all information regarding admissions. The Nation

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