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Sindh Education Dept protest

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Sindh Education Dept protest
« on: February 24, 2011, 10:15:26 AM »
Karachi, Feb 19: Police resorted to a baton charge and tear gas shelling on former non-teaching employees of the Education Department in order to stop them from trying to protest outside the Chief Minister House on Friday.

The protesters had gathered outside the Karachi Press Club (KPC) for the second consecutive day to press the authorities to reinstate them.

Police also gave them a thrashing near Maulana Deen Muhammad Wafai Road to break up the protest.

The sacked (BPS-1 to BPS-4) contract employees had to face batons and water cannon on Thursday when they started their agitation. Several of them were also beaten up.

They wanted to stage a sit-in in front of the CM House until their demands were accepted by the chief minister, who had terminated their jobs after their three-year contracts expired.

On Friday, when they tried to march on the CM House, the police used batons and tear gas shelling to stop them. Meanwhile, eight people were detained.

The police had parked vehicles on the road to create hurdles. The protesters succeeded in overcoming the barricades, but the police intercepted them near the YMC, beat them, and fired tear gas shells to disperse them.

Some of the tear gas shells fell inside the YMC and near government buildings and private apartments, causing considerable inconvenience among the residents.

The desperate protesters once again managed to gather near Fawara Chowk and challenged the police to open fire. Soon more police arrived to handle the situation.

Meanwhile, the former employees blocked the road adjacent to the KPC and demanded release of the arrested protesters. The police responded by calling water cannon but did not use it.

When the protesters refused to leave, the police released the detainees. Following this, the protesters went back to their camp outside the KPC.