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Teachers receive training from HEC

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Teachers receive training from HEC
« on: April 25, 2017, 12:52:57 PM »
Teachers receive training from HEC
KARACHI:25 April:Sindh Madressatul Islam University [SMIU], in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission [HEC], Pakistan’s Learning Innovation Division, organised a five-day training course, ‘English as a Second Language’.

The comprehensive course was designed for the Transforming English Language Skills [TELS], 2017 training programme. The training has been designed by the HEC and universities send proposals to commission to conduct trainings, explained SMIU Vice-Chancellor Muhammad Ali Shaikh, adding that once the HEC accepts the proposals, they bear the funding of the training while the university executes the training.

“The university awards certificates to faculty members after the approval of the HEC,” he said.

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The participants benefitted from the rich learning experience of the first day of training which comprised sessions on academic planning, management, assessment and evaluation and communication skills.

The main objective of TELS is to inculcate the ability to communicate in the language and create connections with a wider range of people as well as to help people maintain academic integrity in their work.

Through this training programme, participants will learn and improve their listening, reading, speaking, writing skills, develop and extend literacy skills and learn a variety of ideas to teach effectively.
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The programme will also create a balance of receptive and productive skills which will be developed through communicative classes, self‐study and evaluation. The training is designed to provide a more stimulating and rewarding experience for both students and trainees. Express News.
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