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QAU VC committed to recover all encroachments

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QAU VC committed to recover all encroachments
« on: January 11, 2019, 12:46:08 PM »
QAU VC committed to recover all encroachments
Islamabad :January 11: do not discriminate between strong and weak. Whosoever has encroached on the university land will have to leave. That’s it,” Prof Dr Syed Muhammad Ali, the Vice Chancellor of the Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU), told ‘The News’ in an interview.
Since its start, QAU has been unable to shake off encroachers who have infested it like leeches. Subsequent VCs failed to stand in the way of encroachers; therefore, now they have grown in number and power.

Prof Dr Ali is the first VC to take on the issue of encroachments in a meaningful way. He said, “I am not against anyone. The argument that poor people live in the houses on campus is irrelevant. Poor or rich, everybody has to leave campus as per law. They have been paid for their land well in time so there is now no justification for them to illegally occupy campus.”

Among other things, encroachers are a security threat to the university, he said. “Once there are no illegal residents on campus, university guards will man exit and entry points and keep a check on all kind of movements. They will be held responsible then for any crime or any mishap.”

He said because people have illegally built houses on campus, security staff is unable to maintain entry and exit points in a professional manner, which can be easily exploited by criminal elements. He expressed conviction that he will take this operation to its logical end. “The prime minister is backing us fully for this operation. The city administration is cooperative. Faculty, students and alumni are very eager see this operation through,” he said.

Asked is the QAU proximity to Bari Imam Shrine a source of drugs on campus, Prof Ali said, “Shrines are a source of inspiration and not drugs. People get from shrines a message of spirituality, peace and tranquillity. So it is wrong to link these places with drugs.”

He explained that prevalence of drugs at QAU is not a major issue. People use drugs here as much as they do at other places, he said, which means that proximity to shrine is not a cause of prevalence of drugs on campus. Once the university is free of encroachments, it will be harder for anyone to push drugs into its boundaries, he said.

Prof Ali’s body language and style of resolving problems rekindles hope that the university will win back the glory it lost due to incompetence of its top bosses, some of whom were hand in hand with powerful people who occupied university land illegally.The news.
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