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Chinese students generally live in school dormitories and eat in the school cafeteria. A campus has many playgrounds with fully equipped facilities which are provided for the convenience of students for spare time sports activities. Apart from usual physical exercise, students have access to different sports events and competitions organized by universities, such as long distance running in winter, swimming in summer and ball games and chess games. Students strong in sports can join their university teams of basketball, volleyball, football, etc. Fans of Wushu (the martial art) and Qigong will have teachers available for them. The annual sports games of each university provide students and teachers with the chance to best demonstrate their talent in sports events.
The student union and organizations bring together many students of common interest who set up their own chorus, dancing troupe, orchestra, photography association, calligraphy association, painting association, etc. They have regular activities. Students in the associations develop their abilities and give full play to their talents. Universities admitting foreign students have established separate dormitories and canteens for them. When conditions permit, foreign students can also share dormitories with Chinese students. They are also free to eat either in the reserved or Chinese Students' canteens.

Universities have paid ample attention to extra-curricular activities for foreign students. They are organized to watch artistic performances and go out for sightseeing for rest and recreation after intense studies. Foreign students are welcome to attend the school's sports games, long distance running competitions, swimming and ball games, as well as other related activities of students' organizations.

Friendly exchanges between Chinese and foreign students are encouraged and in particular, contact between Chinese and foreign youth. Universities often conduct seminars and parties for Chinese and foreign students and other social activities. Chinese students, with a strong interest in knowledge, are hardworking and cherish their friendship with foreign students; therefore they are eager to make friends with them and share their good times and bad. The students through contact with each other will establish a profound friendship.

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