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attack Sri Lankan Team, Parents throng schools to ‘rescue’ children

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attack Sri Lankan Team, Parents throng schools to ‘rescue’ children

* Parents wait in long traffic queues to pick children from schools after hearing news

LAHORE: In the aftermath of the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team, parents were seen rushing toward schools situated near the Liberty Roundabout to avert any danger, Daily Times has learnt.

Numerous schools are situated in the area surrounding the Liberty Roundabout. Most parents were only on their way back home after dropping their children to school when they heard the news. Gripped by fear, the parents immediately returned to schools to pick their children only minutes after dropping them off.

Parents: After listening to appalling gunshots followed by a blast, the guards and faculty present at schools were struck with horror. Engulfed by confusion and fear, many parents had to wait in traffic queues for hours before they could pick their children.

Parents expressed concern over lack of security at schools, as hardly any schools had armed security guards outside the gates. They said the school administration should not rule out the possibility of being attacked by terrorists. Many parents were outraged to find out that schools decided to continue classes even after the attacks. Meanwhile, school administrations maintained that letting students wander around in such a situation could proved to be detrimental. Almost all schools had banned the entry of any adults into the school, including parents and drivers, to ensure a foolproof security system.

Most schools’ administration abstained from identifying the security measures at their schools. Some schools said they had internal security systems, which they claimed were capable of coping with terrorist threats.

It was learnt that neither the students nor the teachers could pull off successful attempts of continuing academic activities after hearing the noise of gunpowder from the nearby Liberty Roundabout.

The incident left a perpetual wave of panic among citizens, especially commuters, who were stuck in major traffic jams amidst terrorist attacks. Zahoor Elahi Road, Hali Road, and Noor Jehan Road were reported to be the busiest roads of the city.Daily Time
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